Checkweigher CW-ERS-05/1500/0 1.5 Kg.

CW-ERS-05/1500/0 model has a sensitivity of 0.5 grams and a weighing capacity of 1500 grams. Belt passes (knife edge) and tape designs have been specifically developed to ensure maximum accuracy and performance. Ensure your efficiency and perfect weighing of your products with high precision and performance. Thanks to its hygienic design, it prevents water and dirt accumulation. Long life is ensured by using a 24 VDC brushless DC motor.

Technical Specification
Capacity(gr)  10-1500 
Precision (gr)   ≥ 0.5 
‘e’ value  ≥ 0.5 
‘n’ division value   3000
Belt speed (m/minute)   120
Units/minute   300
Power Consumption (W)  400
Current (A)   2,30
Weighing conveyor width (mm) L1  200-300
Weighing conveyor length (mm)   250-500
Supply Voltage   100 - 240 VAC  
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz 
Working Temperature C0   5 °C to +40 °C 
Working Height   650-1100 mm +-50 mm 
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Checkweigher CW-ERS-05/1500/0 Brochure

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