Box Checkweigher ERS-50/15000/0 15 kg.

CW-ERS-50/15000/0 model is a machine with 5 gram sensitivity and 15 kg capacity. etc. It weighs packaged products with high precision and accuracy. Packaged products with incorrect weights are taken into the rejection chamber with the help of apneumatic piston. Products with the correct weight continue to flow through the line. It provides the advantage of reporting and archiving weighing results via USB or e-mail. Devices such as labelling machines and barcode readers are easily integrated onto the machine.

Technical Specification
Capacity (gr) 100-15000
Precision /gr) ≥5
‘e’ value ≥5
‘n’ division value 3000
Belt speed (m/minute) 60
Units/minute 45
Power Consumption (W) 600
Current (A) 3,50
Weighing conveyor width (mm) L1 400-500
Weighing conveyor length (mm) 500-750
Supply Voltage 100-240 VAC
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Working Temperature C0 5 °C to +40 °C
Working Height 350-1100 mm +-50 mm
Accuracy Grade XIII(1)
Box Checkweigher ERS-50/15000/0 Brochure

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